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Weekend: Executives’ Market Brief

Is a single or double page report. Produced weekly over the weekend on the prior week’s trading. Coverage includes global market and sector sentiments and the most relevant ongoing market theme. The Executives’ Market Brief sets our tone and detail analysis that appears in later publications through the week. Delivered by e-mail Saturday/Sundays, North American EST.

Tuesday Evening: Notley’s Notes

Produced through Mondays and Tuesdays based on the data on the prior Friday and elaborates on the investment theme summarized and described in the Executives’ Market Brief. Coverage includes interest rates, bonds, global equities, commodities, currencies and the business cycle. Delivered by e-mail Tuesday p.m. North American EST.

Tuesday Evening: Audio Broadcast

An audio analytical review of the Notley’s Notes is available online for the entire week, beginning Tuesday evenings, lasting approximately 20 minutes. The broadcast is not a substitution, but an augmentation of Notley's Notes. It is recommended that the hard copy of the Notes be accessible during the broadcast. The session is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until it is replaced by the following week’s broadcast.

Alternating Thursdays: Global Markets at a Glance

Global Markets at a Glance, published fortnightly and delivered by e-mail on Thursdays p.m., North American EST, covers world markets categorized by continent and divided by new and old economy, big-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, and commodity natural resource related. Objective is country allocation on a timely basis using the dominant quadrant readings of each country’s cycle measure screen. Published

Fortnightly: Global Groups at a Glance

Global Groups at a Glance, published fortnightly and delivered by e-mail on Thursdays p.m., North American EST, deals with 50± industry sectors, groups represented on an individual stock basis drawn from all listed stocks worldwide. Objective is a timely determination of the sector and group rotation through the cycle. Technique used is based on largest quadrant reading appearing on sine-wave analysis for that sector, group or sub-group. Other publications released periodically to address special issues and update the market